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    Dino's Plumbing Calgary
    Home of your local Leak fixing, Boiler testing and Hard Working Plumbers

    ​A Little About Us

    Welcome to Dino Plumber, we are based in the Calgary and want to provide you with the best possible heating, plumbing and service experience. Our highly skilled dedicated plumbers serve the Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere and Cochrane areas. If you require a heating or plumbing service, fixture and leak repairs or a safety inspection over your pipework, plumbing and equipment do not hesitate as we are just a quick and easy phone call away!

    Our services are based in Calgary but we also serve the surrounding areas, our goal is to bring you reliable, speedy affordable and helpful customer service in the areas that we cover. We have been providing heating and plumbing servicing the local area for years and have acquired a number of skills abilities and know-how, now we want to bring all of that to you.

    Our services

    Here's what we can do

    Below is a list of your local Calgary plumbers, plumbing, heating and services with a brief description, if you require a more in-depth breakdown of what we offer go over to our services page or click on the head line above or any of our webpages.
    Are you concerned that we do not offer the service you require? Simply click here or on our phone number to get in contact with your local plumber straight away, don't want to jump on the phone just yet head on over to our contact page and fill out the form with a description of what you require and a local plumber will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

    • Emergency plumbing
    • Sewer & drain cleaning
    • Leak fixing and repairs
    • Commercial plumbing
    • Residential plumbing
    • Hot water tanks
    • Air conditioning
    • Installation and repair
    • Clogged sink
    • Toilet repair & install
    Plumbing Services
    Our advantages

    Why do people trust our company?

    At our company, we strive to earn the trust of our clients by consistently providing high-quality plumbing service and being transparent in all of our business practices. We believe that honesty and openness are essential for building trust, and we make sure to clearly communicate with our clients about the work that needs to be done, the costs involved, and the expected timeline for completing the project. We also provide upfront pricing for our plumbing services, so our clients know exactly what to expect before any work is done. Additionally, we are available to our clients 24/7 and make sure to respond promptly to any questions or concerns they may have. By prioritizing trust and transparency, we hope to foster long-lasting relationships with our clients.


    Expertise and experience:

    Our plumbing team is highly skilled and has a lot of experience in the plumbing industry, people trust Dino's Plumbing because they know we have the knowledge and expertise to handle their plumbing issues.



    We have built a strong reputation in the community for providing reliable and efficient service. We are known for being responsive, friendly, and professional in all interactions with our clients. We are also transparent about our pricing, services, and policies, so our customers know exactly what to expect.


    Customer service:

    In addition to our expertise and customer-focused approach, we also present ourselves and our company in a professional manner. This includes wearing uniforms, maintaining a clean and organized workspace, and conducting business in a professional manner. 



    At our plumbing company, transparency is one of our core values. We believe that honesty and openness are essential for building trust with our clients. Here are a few ways that we strive for transparency in our business:

    • Clear communication
    • Upfront pricing
    • Open communication
    We provide fast and efficient service 24/hrs a day.

    Calgary Plumbing Services

    We at “Plumber In Calgary” would first like to express our appreciation to Calgary for supporting us. Serving residents have been a pleasure professionally and personally. We appreciate every inquiry we get so please don’t hesitate to contact us for any of your plumbing needs. We look forward to establishing more relationships.


    ​24 Hour Emergency Plumbing

    Got a plumbing problem
    and its out of standard business hours? Click the heading above to go to our contact page or click our phone number to get in touch right away so we can repair your heating and plumbing issues.
    Emergency plumbing Calgary


    Leak Fixing And Repairs

    Small or large leaks can be a real pain, from taps, pipes, radiators to toilets they can be anywhere and cause mayhem.
    So if you have a watery problem that needs solving call your Calgary plumber for a quick inspection and fix.




    If you are experiencing clogged drains in your home or business, our drain cleaning service can help. Clogged drains can be a nuisance and can cause serious problems if left unchecked. They can lead to water damage, foul odors, and even sewage backups.

    Our team of experienced plumbers is equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively clear any clogs in your drains. We use a variety of methods to remove blockages, including hydro jetting, augering, and chemical cleaners.

    We are committed to providing fast and efficient service to get your drains flowing freely again. Contact us today to schedule a drain cleaning service and say goodbye to clogged drains for good.



    Our sewer line repair service is designed to fix any issues you may be experiencing with your sewer line. Sewer lines are an essential part of your home's plumbing system, responsible for carrying waste water and sewage away from your property. If your sewer line is damaged or clogged, it can cause serious problems, including backups, flooding, and foul odors.

    Our team of experienced Calgary plumbers has the tools and expertise to accurately diagnose and repair any issues with your sewer line. We use state-of-the-art equipment to locate the problem and determine the best course of action. Whether your sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced, we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right.

    If you are experiencing issues with your  Calgary sewer line, don't hesitate to contact us for reliable and efficient repair services. We will work with you to find the best solution for your specific situation, and get your plumbing system back up and running smoothly as soon as possible.

    sewer line repair



    At our company, we offer a wide range of plumbing services and repair for both residential and commercial properties. Our team of experienced and licensed plumbers is equipped to handle any plumbing issue you may have, from small repairs to major renovations.

    Some of the services we offer include:

    • Pipe repair and replacement
    • Water heater installation and repair
    • Drain cleaning and unclogging
    • Toilet repair and replacement
    • Fixture installation and repair
    • Leak detection and repair

    We are committed to providing top-quality workmanship and excellent customer service. We strive to complete all of our projects in a timely and efficient manner, and we always clean up after ourselves to leave your space looking as good as new. Contact us today to schedule your plumbing service or repair.

    Calgary Plumbing Services



    Commercial plumbing refers to the plumbing systems, fixtures, and pipes that are used in commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores. These systems are typically larger and more complex than those found in residential buildings, and require specialized knowledge and expertise to install, repair, and maintain.

    Commercial plumbing Calgary services include everything from installing new plumbing systems in new construction to repairing and maintaining existing systems in existing buildings. Some common commercial plumbing tasks include installing and repairing water heaters, fixing clogged drains and toilets, and replacing old pipes with new ones.

    commercial plumbing Calgary


    Safety Inspections

    Safety is everything and knowing that your equipment and systems are correct and up to the right regulations, why not use Calgary Plumbers safety inspection so you can put your mind at ease. No matter what the problem for water heater to showers safety risks can be everywhere. We offer water heater inspections as well as a certificate for renewal and to show proof of service.


    Water Heater

    From fixing, upgrading to installing water heater our Calgary plumbers provide a comprehensive water heater installation or repair and replace service.
    We have been working on water heaters for years now no matter the make or size so you can relax knowing that your local heating and plumbing experts are on the case.

    water heater repair Calgary


    Sump Pump installation & repair

    Dino's Plumbing is your go-to source for sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance services in Calgary.

    Our team of experienced plumbers is equipped to handle any sump pump issue, big or small. We offer fast response times, accurate estimates, and top-quality workmanship.

    Whether you need a new sump pump installed, an existing one repaired, or just want to make sure everything is in good working order, we're here to help.

    Contact us today to learn more about our sump pump Calgary services and how we can help protect your home or business from water damage.

    Sump pump installs

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    Everything You Need to Know About Dino's Plumbing Services

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ PLumbing
    • What types of plumbing services does Dino's Plumbing offer?

      Dino's Plumbing offers a wide range of plumbing services, including repair and installation of pipes, faucets, water heaters, and more. We can handle both large and small plumbing jobs.

    • Do you offer emergency plumbing services?

      Yes, we offer emergency plumbing services 24/7. If you have a plumbing emergency, don't hesitate to give us a call.

    • How much do your plumbing services cost?

      The cost of our plumbing services will depend on the specific job being performed. We offer competitive pricing and will provide you with a detailed quote before starting any work.

    • Do you offer free estimates for plumbing services?

      Yes, we offer free estimates for all of our plumbing services. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form to request an estimate.

    • Do you have licensed and insured plumbers on staff?

      All of our plumbers are licensed and insured, so you can trust that you're in good hands when you work with Dino's Plumbing.

    • Do you offer residential and commercial plumbing services?

      Dino's Plumbing offers both residential and commercial plumbing services, so we can handle all of your plumbing needs no matter where you are located.

    • How long has Dino's Plumbing been in business in Calgary?

      Dino's Plumbing has been serving the Calgary area for many years, and we have a reputation for providing high-quality plumbing services to our customers.

    • Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee for your plumbing services?

      We are confident in the quality of our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee for all of our plumbing services.

    • Do you use high-quality parts and materials for your plumbing repairs and installations?

      At Dino's Plumbing, we only use high-quality parts and materials for all of our plumbing repairs and installations. We believe in using the best products to ensure that our work lasts.

    • Do you offer maintenance plans to help prevent future plumbing issues?

      Yes, we offer maintenance plans to help prevent future plumbing issues. These plans include regular inspections and maintenance to keep your plumbing system running smoothly.